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Da piano

[Verse 1]
Nobody understands how you rise
Freeze the cowards and break the cowardice
Sometimes I dont know if I should thank mummy
vector alone odwonder.comYet I’m alone like bank money
Could it be the way she raised me
Or the way the streets made me, maybe
Like the fifth month and the second alphabet, may b
All I need do is get serious with a lady
But I cannot even think about doing that
The ladies love a single star and I aint losing that
And even if I did, she’d never understand
The reason why a lot of ladies only want her man
I’m trying to keep my girl, but I’m losing my friends
Deciding is a twist, maybe oliver can help
How do I decide this out , I cannot be the king of the jungle without my pride

I’m surrounded by many, still feeling lonely
Can somebody tell me what’s happening
To win I may have to loose, how do I choose
Alone, alone

[Verse 2]
You know this is the life that I chose
You may like jimmy aint choose
Where you stand before it all melts
Like when you bring fire near blue band
My advice to the man on the mirror
Try handle the heat like hand on trigger
Rappers play you hate cause I ball like benzema
And the only spot they have is maybe eczema
And I know the wars I won mehn
The victory or the story of one man
When your friends are not far from the ground
And the bigger the house the smaller the compound
The compound is the boundary, wait
When its too big for the fence it breaks
Then the house is alone, alone


[Verse 3]
The ones I know I rarely see
The ones I see I rarely know
No disrespect though, I’m just tryna talk to the ones that I left over
Like remnant food but I do the kinda thing not many can do
My fellow colleagues think I’m beefing them
I make a funny joke and they think I’m dissing them
I only say they fool in them when they think my success is to bully them
Think I gat a problem but its truly them
No hate factor but I am alone


Yeah, I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone
I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone

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